Free and Low Cost Web Tools to Make Investing Easier

With the invasion of the personal computer and the internet into every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that these two very important inventions of the modern world are in place to help us be more efficient, more creative and more productive, not forgetting the all-important ‘P’ word in an ever-changing market – profitability.

Here are five websites/ tools that can help you along to make investing seem like a walk in the park:

Microsoft OneNote
This tool helps you keep details of properties at your fingertips, ranging from legal documents that you might need to scanned handwritten notes, photos or even audio files from your meetings with prospective clients.

This site can help you find an assistant as well as help you with your writing needs, all by just simply posting an ad for the job, after which you can select the most qualified candidate.

Google Picasa
This site can helps you free up space that a large number of photos have taken up on your hard drive, with the additional options of being able to organize them into folders as well as share them with prospective clients.
Since time is a valuable commodity in the real estate business, this website enables you to check out a potential property’s true value, which can in turn help you decide whether you want to purchase the property or skip it completely.

Hendricks & Partners
If you would like to know whether your money that is being invested is a safe and profitable one, you can find vital pointers such as key economic data, incomes, unemployment rate, among other details that will help you make an ‘informed decision’ in any location in the United States with the help of free market segment reports by Hendricks & Partners.


Free And Low Cost Web Tools To Make Investing Easier