Adobe Flash Player controversy with Apple iOS

Adobe Flash Player is not available for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. There is an ongoing controversy between Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems over Adobe Flash and availability of Adobe Flash Player on iOS devices. In April 2010, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared that Apple Inc. will not allow Flash streaming due to energy consumption concerns, Flash’s poor performance on mobile devices, lack of security, lack of technical support, and concerns over a third party software. If you are an Apple user and desire to have access to Flash, there are ways to get around.

Apple owners can get Flash content to run on iOS devices in several ways.

  • Adobe AIR comes with Flash content bundled inside. Since September 2010, Apple is allowing iOS users to run Adobe AIR.
  • Adobe provides a server side tool known as Wallaby and it allow Flash programs to be converted to HTML 5. This allows iOS devices to display Flash content.
  • Flash video served by Adobe Flash Media Server translate and send video as HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HTTP Live Streaming) and this can be played on iOS devices.
  • Certain browsers such as Photon Browser and Puffin Web Browser accommodate Flash streaming content from cloud.

Adobe Flash Player Controversy With Apple IOS