Color and Photography Tips For a Beautiful Web Page Design

Beauty might lie in the eyes of the beholder but there are some aspects that would be pleasing to most people. For instance, when it comes to web page designs, there are some general rules pertaining to the use of color and photography that bring an edge to a page and make it more pleasing. The tips below might come handy.

Using Color Strategically

Depending on the purpose of the website you are designing, strategically choosing your colors would bring an edge to it and make it more appealing. For instance, making use of a neutral color palette for a website that showcases products would bring a clean, elegant and modern appearance. The use of small pop of color for key graphics or headlines would then guide your visitors to the essential information. The color palette use should also be complementary to your brand’s logo and consistent with your marketing campaigns and branding.

Investing In Professional Photography

Website visitors, despite the fact that they might not be experts in photography, have a knack for identifying generic photos instantly. This might leave a generic impression on your company and might not have the impact that you were looking for. Investing in professional photography with custom projects targeted at conveying your brand’s message would have more impact on your visitors. Some experts also recommend placing photos of people looking in the direction of the particular button you want visitors to click on. The human eye is drawn to faces of other human beings and would therefore be drawn to the particular direction the face on the photo is pointing at.


Color And Photography Tips For A Beautiful Web Page Design