Curating content with Pinterest

Quality content is the key to success of your Web site. But adding new content cost money and require constant maintenance. This is where content curation can help you. Content curation is a process of collecting, organizing and displaying relevant topics in your area of interest. There are curation services that provide the service for any business or to end users. They usually grab quality content that others allow and update your web site constantly.

Lots of tools are available on the Internet to find, aggregate and share content mostly for free. The most important and most popular free of charge content curation comes from the Pinterest. Pinterest is available for web and mobile applications and mainly a photo sharing website. It allows users to create pin boards based on themes or any other interests. Images are called pins. Pinterest provide a service known as Pinterest for Business, offered as a premium service that takes pin boards to the next level by collating favorite pins, market it to clients of a particular business, and promote products and services. Pinterest is a free website that requires registration before using. Once registered anyone can upload, save, sort and manage images.

Curating Content With Pinterest