How Centralizing Training Benefits Employees

Summary: Sending most, if not all, of your employees to the same location for the same training can be extremely valuable, especially if your business is in multiple cities, or even states. The benefits definitely outweigh the costs and you should consider it an investment in your people.

A Networking Opportunity

First and foremost, training employees in the same city gives them the opportunity to meet their peers. They have the ability to interact with others from different cities who work at the same level. Making these connections is crucial because then if there is ever an issue, employees have points of contact outside of their own home offices. The more people within your company know each other, the more camaraderie they will feel, and thus feel more connected to their work.

A Chance to Show You Care

For the most part, employees do not enjoy training, especially if they have to sit for a long time and be lectured. But making a business trip out of it puts a new and exciting spin on the entire concept. “I wish I did not have training in the office today,” turns into, “I get to go to [city] for training!” Sure, it will cost more to fly everyone out and put them in hotels, but it is worth the investment because your employees will feel like they, and their professional development, are cared about. They will recognize that it is an investment and will feel compelled to invest themselves in their work.

Though it can get expensive to hold training conferences, it is a great way to go, if you can afford it. Your employees will be more excited about it because they will be in a different city and meeting new people.

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How Centralizing Training Benefits Employees