Tips on How to Shoot Jewelry

Jewelry is difficult to photograph, but it’s not impossible. The best Jewelry photographers in the world have learned how to capture the beauty and detail of each piece using a variety of tricks and techniques. Whether you’re a Jewelry collector who wants to take photos of your collection or a professional photographer, we have the following tips on how to capture Jewelry using a digital camera.

The Right Foundation

Before you can even begin snapping away, you will need to make sure the jewellery you plan to photograph is clean. If the piece has gemstones or precious metals, consider taking it to a jeweler for a professional polish. At home or in your studio, you can clean up the image in Photoshop.

Lighting Matters

Lighting is a crucial factor in all types of photography, but especially in jewellery photography. The right lighting can bring out the detail of the piece or hide it. Take your time and play with the lighting. This might require setting up an indoor studio or going outside when the light is just right. The key to finding the perfect lighting is to start over with each piece and keep taking photographs until you’re satisfied with the final picture.

Get the Right Angle

Even Jewelry has a good side. It’s important to shoot Jewelry from the right angle. This step requires a lot of experimentation. Take your time to photograph each piece from every angle to find one that flatters the piece and brings out its true beauty.